Bhindi / Lady's Finger Stir Fry ( tossed in coconut spice powder )

I owe my cooking skills to all the wonderful cooks I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and having meals cooked by them ! One of the biggest influences in my life is my Grand Mother, although this recipe is not from her kitchen. This was born right out of my laziness to cook this vegetable ( and this is a very easy vegetable to work with ) and my desire to achieve that taste which I tried to get in many ways, but finally nailed it with this style of preparation.

This recipe is the first in the series of dishes that can be prepared using the spice powders / podis you get from me. 

This is probably the simplest dish you'll ever make and I am sure there wouldn't be many who wouldn't like it. 

Ingredients :

Lady's finger / Bhindi - Half kilogram.
Salt - as per your taste.
Turmeric powder : half a teaspoon.
Coconut spice powder - 4-5 table spoons ( add as per your taste or liking ).

Procedure :

Wash and dry the bhindi / lady's finger. Once dry, cut them into medium size cubes. If you cut them too small, they will be all mushy by the time they are cooked.

Heat 4-5 table spoons of oil in a wok.

Once the oil is hot, add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Add the cut Bhindi / Lady's Finger and toss them. Add salt and toss them again.

Cover and cook till the lady's finger are done. You will know they are done, when they are not sticky anymore and they turn dark green in color. Try breaking one and you should be able to do it without any effort.

Now, add the coconut spice powder and mix. Avoid frequent stirring of the veggies as this will turn them into sticky paste.

Leave on heat for half a minute and it is done !

Yummy Bhindi curry !
You can replace the coconut spice powder with peanut powder, garlic chilly powder ! I haven't added extra chilly powder as the coconut powder is spicy enough. You can a bit more chilly powder if you like. Also, adjust salt before taking off the heat.

Try it and let me know how you liked it. Until next time, Happy Cooking !



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